Tuesday, 29 March 2011


A few more images for you..


These are a collection of images from a book i made about stress and panic attacks. Self explanatory really, I'd rather leave it up to you to decipher them as you wish. I really loved this proect so I hope you enjoy it.


Some drawings of the park around me and the little houses. After all that jetsetting I'm beginning to like home even more.


Recently snuck away to austria, i know i'm a jetsetter..
These are a few drawings from the trip..

fish & chips

more experimental life drawing

experimental life drawing

some VERY experimental life drawing sessions with a touch of the absurd, I seem to like the colour yellow ( which i learnt whilst researching for my current project is a childish colour according to men) . who knew?


Recently went on a visit to New York with uni, loved every second! I definitely want to live there once I graduate. Here's a little drawing from central park..

people on strings

random sketchbook page....hangin'


This is the cover of the triangles book, inside are the polaroids. If you can't read it, it says : Sentimental value is the triangle of Emotion, Memory and Self.

small sketchbook

some little snapshots from my A7 sketchbook i carry around on me, mainly with reference to the reportage brief that I am doing : office politics


Some images from a one day project on triangles..They were made into a book which i shall upload later.