Saturday, 20 February 2010


Some shoots for our new project 'To be Continued...'
The brief is quiet open so i'm basing mine around water and what would happen if the sky was the ocean. These are just some photos of ink in water which were effortsome to produce and would've been a lot easier to draw.
Photography in itself is a concept which is too 'fine-arty' and what i do is NOT fine art it is illustration: - the communication of an idea via an image
not the vague communication of some bullshit 'made up on the spot idea' which was never intended to be obvious through the art work.
The problem with fine art is that just too much of it is sincerely average. Too many pricks who think they can make a lot of money by showing a blank canvas and calling it art.
Rant over. Illustration FTW.

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